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Katherine Albrecht: The Totalitarian Nature of Surveillance (NSA, Google, Facebook)

Posted on Nov 9, 2015 by in Podcast |

Dr. Katherine Albrecht discusses her book Spychips, published almost a decade ago, and reflects on RFID threats today as well as from other technologies. The US Goverment has decided to use the same RFID system being developed by commercial industry which will become ubiquitous by placing both RFID chips and scanners everywhere. She also discusses R.J. Rummel’s work on democide and how the very nature of government and corporate surveillance is totalitarian. Dr. Albrecht also gives the history of the private search engine StartPage and the private encrypted Netherlands-based email service StartMail, who she also works with and helped co-found.



Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID

I Won’t Take the Mark: A Bible Book and Contract for Children

About Katherine Albrecht

Dr. Katherine Albrecht is an internationally known privacy researcher, consumer advocate, bestselling author, and nationally syndicated radio host. She is also is a senior executive with the private search engines StartPage and Ixquick, and is on the team behind the new privacy-protecting email program StartMail, to make powerful encryption available to regular people. Katherine holds a Doctorate in Human Development and Consumer Education from Harvard University, has studied at the MIT Media lab, and received a Masters from Harvard in Technology, Innovation, and Education.

Katherine has authored pro-privacy legislation, testified before the Federal Trade Commission and numerous state legislatures, and was appointed as a consumer technology expert by NH Governor John Lynch. She co-authored the bestseller Spychips, has granted over 2,000 media interviews with news outlets around the globe, including CBS, NBC, CNN, NPR, Fox News, Good Morning America, the BBC, Wired Magazine, The New York Times, and hundreds more. Katherine is currently serving as the Associate Editor of the IEEE Technology & Society Magazine, co-authors an online security blog for eHow, and she heads the 18,000 member consumer privacy organization, CASPIAN.

She is the author of a children’s Bible book about Revelation titled “I Won’t Take the Mark: A Bible Book and Contract for Children.”

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