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Jim Jatras: US-Russia Tango In Syria Is Really About Iran And May Lead To WW3

Posted on Apr 11, 2018 by in Podcast |

Former U.S. diplomat Jim Jatras discusses President Trump’s rush to war in Syria, the false flag chemical attacks warned about by Russia, Putin’s options in case of U.S. strikes, and the real geopolitical game being played in the Middle East which can lead to fatal escalation.


G&E Podcast:                     We are speaking with analyst, former U.S. diplomat and foreign policy advisor to the Senate GOP leadership, Jim Jatras. We will be discussing the U.S.-Russia tango in Syria. Let’s start with Russia. First it was U.S. election meddling, then Olympics sports doping, then the Russian media acting as foreign agent, and now this incredulous Salisbury nerve gas attack. What’s next? Am I going to discover that my mother has actually been a KGB spy my entire life? Is there any truth at all to the neo-McCarthyism?

Jim Jatras:                           Well, I think calling it neo-McCarthyism is unfair to Joe McCarthy, that back in his day there really were Stalinist agents at the State Department. Even if his methods went a bit overboard, there was a real concern. What we’re seeing today is made out of whole cloth. I think this is simply part of a political campaign against Russia. The term “deep state” has gone from going virtually unknown to being totally overused, but I think there is a reality behind that concept. It’s not just U.S. deep state. It’s not just the CIA and NSA and FBI, the Department of Justice. It also includes our British friends, MI6, the GCHQ. I’ve been writing for months that there are British fingerprints all over the Steele dossier, all over the whole Russia-gate, FISA-gate thing. We see it, obviously, all over the Skripal case. show

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About Jim Jatras

Jim Jatras is a Washington, DC-based attorney, political analyst, and media & government affairs specialist. He formerly served as a senior foreign policy adviser to the US Senate Republican leadership, and before that served as a diplomat in Mexico, the Office of Soviet Union affairs, and the Office of the Under Secretary for Political Affairs.

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