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Sune Sorensen: Is a China Centric World on the Horizon?

Posted on Jul 7, 2019 by in Podcast |

Sune Hojgaard Sorensen joins us again to talk about his new in-depth report which examines the rise of the China-centric world. The report includes collaboration from Harald Malmgren and Millenial Macro Research. Four key areas are examined which include: trade, technology, the financial system, and the military. Sune provides an extremely well-researched and objective geopolitical macro examination of where China stands in the world today and in coming years.

The 142-page report can be freely requested from Librarium Associates here:

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About the Guest

Mr. Sune Hojgaard Sorensen founded Librarium Associates as a vehicle from which to explore the world, drawing on; his varied experiences around the globe, his intellectual curiosity, a driven pursuit of variant perceptions from a wide array of sources, a deep bench of diverse contacts across continents and industries and over fifteen years of experience in the investment industry in a multitude of roles and across asset classes, in order to consistently be able to provide unique insights that frame path probabilities, developments and future trends into clear and defined ideas that in turn enable sophisticated investors to make superior decisions.

Mr. Hojgaard Sorensen is an Advisory Board Member of our partners at BFI Capital Group ( Where he works with this distinguished group of individuals on matters pertaining to identifying global risks and opportunities and distilling investable insights for the development of long term investment strategies for a select group of global accredited investors.

Mr. Hojgaard Sorensen is a partner and an advisor to the Orbis28 Family Office Solutions platform ( Where he – together with a group of top tier experts on matters pertaining to global investing, wealth management and estate & financial planning – provides insights, research and advice to global entrepreneurs & other HNWIs & UHNWIs.     

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