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Robert Quartly-Janeiro: Trade, Economy & Political Risk in the EMEA Countries

Posted on Dec 16, 2019 by in Podcast |

Robert Quartly-Janeiro talks about how the trade wars are affecting the economies of the U.S. and EU. He gives his take on political risks and opportunities in Africa and the Middle East, being positive on North Africa and the GCC.

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About the Guest

Robert brings a decade of experience across public policy, investment management, and international consulting, across a variety of commercial and strategy focused projects.

A political-economist, Robert’s geographic areas of interest is the EU, Middle East, and Africa where he works on projects related to investment attraction and promotion, government relations, businesses strategy and growth, international expansion and market entry. He has helped advance and protect client interests in a variety of sectors, including: investment management, private equity, commodities, government, agriculture, luxury goods, aviation, and sports.

Prior to joining EAG, Robert was Managing Partner at QR&P Consulting, an investment intelligence and strategy firm, where he consulted investment firms, FX desks, and governments on opportunities and risks in the global economy. He formerly worked for hedge fund advisory Sussex Partners, Santander Bank, House of Commons, and the European Commission.

Robert holds a Masters in Management from the University of Exeter Business School, a BA International Relations & Economics from De Montfort University – Leicester Castle Business School, and did an Erasmus at Technische Universität Dresden’s School of International Studies.

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