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Ovigwe Eguegu: African Geopolitics in the New Cold War

Posted on May 29, 2020 by in Podcast |

Security analyst Ovigwe Eguegu gives us an overview of African geopolitics in the New Cold War and helps us make sense of U.S., European, Russian, and Chinese influence on the continent. He also looks at the African Union (AU), its 2063 agenda, and how Covid-19 is impacting Africa today.



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Show Notes

Pulling Troops Out of Africa Could Mean Another Endless War

U.S. Tussles With France, U.N. Over Counterterrorism Efforts in West Africa

Russia-Africa Summit: The Bear Returns to Africa




The China-Africa Project

The Africa Report


About Me

About the Guest

Ovigwe is a Nigeria-based security analyst and writer specialising in international security cooperation and security diplomacy.

His work focuses on providing analysis and insight into conflict and security in West Africa: while paying close attention to the geopolitical, systemic, and practical dimensions of the issues shaping conflicts and security in the region.

He is adept at:

• Analysing the African Union and other multilateral peace and security mechanisms in Africa.

• Assessing security trends in the West Africa region.

• Analysing the Africa Policy of great powers and their impact on peace and security in Africa.

• Covering conflict resolution processes

• Providing expertise on scenario planning and geopolitical risk.

Ovigwe has appeared on Al Jazeera English and Arise News on several occasions to discuss China, and international. You can read his articles at the Africa Report, Ventures Africa and the China Africa Project.

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