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Nikola Mikovic: Belarus Between Washington, Brussels & Moscow, Time to Pick a Side?

Posted on Aug 8, 2020 by in Podcast |

Analyst Nikola Mikovic discusses the geopolitics of Belarus and its position between Washington/Brussels and Moscow. Will Lukashenko choose a side or continue to walk the high wire between the two? Nikola looks at the energy play and examines the allegations of the destabilization of Belarus by Russian Wagner mercenaries as well as possible U.S. “Color Revolution” interference. He also says that Russia and the U.S. are not enemies, but partners, and may have already made a deal on Belarus.

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Show Notes

What will Lukashenko’s Pyrrhic victory bring to Belarus?

Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko warns of a “bath-house” in which “everybody” will suffer – as far away as Vladivostok

Lukashenko rails against Moscow

Belarus Could Become Europe’s Next Nightmare

Are Russia and Belarus Decoupling?

Does Russia Still Need Belarus?



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About Nikola Mikovic

Nikola Mikovic is a freelance journalist in Serbia, covering Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and political developments in the Balkans and is a contributor to:,,,, among others.

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