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Miklos Lukacs: Resisting Techno-Feudalism & The Great Reset

Posted on Dec 11, 2020 by in Podcast |

Research professor Dr. Miklos Lukacs discusses academic freedom and the roots of technocracy or techno-feudalism. This system is going global and China’s “Social Credit” score forms only part of the picture. In the West, partners include Big Tech, Big Finance, Big Pharma, and their meeting points (e.g. World Economic Forum, Bilderberg). He takes a closer look at key partnerships between Bill Gates, Microsoft, and China, which began in the 1990s. He believes Big Tech and the globalists expected Hillary to win in 2016, and that the pandemic was part of a plan to remove Trump from office in 2020, in order to continue implementing the technocratic agenda now christened as The Great Reset. This system will greatly reduce many of our freedoms (e.g. mobility, economic activity, consumer options, thought police, smart cities). He ends with some thoughts on how to resist.

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About Miklos Lukacs

Miklos Lukacs is a Doctor (PhD) in Management and MSc in Innovation Management from the Alliance Manchester Business School (MBS). He is currently Professor-Researcher at ESAN Graduate School of Business. His areas of interest are political philosophy, history of economic thought, world and Peruvian history, and Science, Technology and Innovation (CTI).

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