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Matthew Ehret: Striving for World Government, Bretton Woods vs Belt & Road

Posted on Jan 28, 2021 by in Podcast |

Journalist and lecturer Matthew Ehret discusses the history of world government, from the Republic of Venice to the City of London and the British and American empires. He looks at how the COVID19-Great Reset is an attempt by the West to retain its hegemony as the Bretton Woods system faces entropy. Meanwhile, the new contender, the Eurasian Union and Belt & Road Initiative are on the rise and offer an alternative development model notwithstanding the potential for great and serious conflict with the Atlantic powers.

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About Matthew Ehret

Matthew J.L. Ehret is a journalist, lecturer and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review.

*Podcast intro music is from the song “The Queens Jig” by “Musicke & Mirth” from their album “Music for Two Lyra Viols”: (available on iTunes or Amazon)