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Patrick Fagan: Will “Vaccine Passports” Usher In a Permanent Dystopia?

Posted on Aug 20, 2021 by in Podcast |

Behavioral scientist and former Cambridge Analytica Lead Psychologist Patrick Fagan discusses his grave fears surrounding the so-called “vaccine passports” being emitted by governments around the world (e.g. EU “Digital Covid Certificate”, Israel’s “Green Pass”), which he says could lead to years of oppression. He examines the manipulation of the public by governments over the past year. He comments on whether the digital passport is essentially the Chinese-style “Social Credit System” and how all of these threads of total tracking and data collection are coming together to allow the state to become omniscient and omnipotent.

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Show Notes

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About Patrick Fagan

I am a behavioural scientist with over a decade’s experience applying psychology to influencing behaviour in the real world.

I am a part-time and guest lecturer at three London universities, and have published peer-reviewed papers on topics ranging from Facebook psychology to facial expressions. My book on the psychology of effective marketing comms, Hooked, is published with Pearson.

I contribute to mainstream media publications such as the BBC, The Evening Standard, and The Spectator – both for commentary and full articles – and am a frequent public speaker at events such as Talks at Google and Nudgestock.

I have consulted and run research and experiments for brands, blue chip and otherwise, across the gamut of industries for over ten years; my work has featured in the global press. I have also worked as a behavioural scientist on political campiagns, from local to presidential, in Europe, Africa and North America.

My previous roles have included Lead Psychologist at Cambridge Analytica, and I am now Chief Scientific Officer at behavioural science consultancy Capuchin.

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