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Michael Parker: On 9/11, Why America is in a Controlled Collapse, & the Great Reset

Posted on Sep 23, 2021 by in Podcast |

Host and producer Michael Parker discusses the censorship of information, the media-state partnership, and woke culture. He talks about 9/11 and his work with Dylan Avery, who produced the first internet blockbuster “Loose Change: 9/11” and the upcoming “Unspeakable”, for which Michael wrote music. He gives his view on where he thinks the United States is headed, why he thinks America is in “societal freefall” and a “controlled collapse”, likely hyperinflation, the Afghanistan debacle, and war with China. We discuss the Great Reset and whether China is onboard or has turned on the elites.

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About Michael Parker

Michael Parker is a host and producer of over 300 episodes of content related to the mysteries of human history, science, the occult, and so called conspiracy theory. His weekly internet television show ANTIDOTE for, and radio shows like Dark Matter and The Electric Pyramid have established him as a leader in the discussion of controversial subjects like transhumanism, secret societies, alleged government conspiracies, the paranormal, mind control, ancient civilizations, true crime, and more. Currently he produces:

Michael’s strength as a host /investigator is his ability to remain skeptical and open minded simultaneously while finding sometimes overlooked aspects of cases that bring out the unexpected. In 2014 while preparing for an interview with noted Area 51 researcher Norio Hayakawa, Michael discovered the existence of a heretofore unknown facility on the base called the MJ12 building, of course in reference to the infamous MJ12 documents.  In 2013 Michael and co researcher Scott Deschaine conducted the first field studies on the Marfa Lights in Marfa, Texas as biological entities as opposed to light refractions or ufos.

The early 2000s began with a opportunity for Michael to speak at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland as the guest of an NGO. His topic at the time was the rise of electronic media, it’s influence and the growing consolidation of media outlets. Only 1 month later the attacks of 911 would change his life forever and he became part of the growing antiwar and truth movement and would eventually work with creators of the documentary series “Loose Change” to provide content and promotional work for the film.

In addition his his research into more tangible conspiracy subjects Michael’s work also led to more esoteric subjects and a voyage inward. He endured sweat lodge rituals, sensory deprivation in isolation tanks, psychoactive experimentation, seances and experiments in psychic phenomena…  From 2004-2006 Michael tested, evaluated, and managed 100’s of psychics, astrologers, and mediums for a private company based in Hollywood, California.  He also continued his research into the ufo / ET hypothesis by spending 11 years as a member of MUFON The Mutual UFO Network.


Musical contributor to independent film documentary “The Unspeakable” 2021

Musical contributor to independent film documentary “Seven” 2020

Producer – Hidden Truth Show with Jim Breslo – – 200 episodes

*Host – Dissectus – – 5 episodes

*Host – Joint Venture – – 5 episodes 2018

*Host – God Save The King – – 6 episodes – 2017

*Producer/Host of Antidote – – 62 episodes – 2015-2016

*Host of The Electric Pyramid – radio show 2014 (32 episodes)

*Lead Investigator – America Declassified – Episode 8 – Travel Channel 2013

*Host of Investigation Discovery television pilot “Scared Nation” 2008-2009

*Appeared in independent film documentary “The Silent Revolution Of Truth” 2008

*Musical contributor to independent film documentary “Loose Change Final Cut” 2008

*Host and Producer of Dark Matter on – radio show 2006-2008 – 100 episodes

*Musical artist – released the concept album “Phantasmagloria” – 2006

*Spoke at United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland on truth in media. 2001

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Exploring science, metaphysics, conspiracy, and the truth with host Michael Parker– Antidote talks to authors, academics, researchers and explorers at the far reaches of human consciousness.

Archived versions of all 62 full length Antidote episodes can be found here:

*Podcast intro music is from the song “The Queens Jig” by “Musicke & Mirth” from their album “Music for Two Lyra Viols”: (available on iTunes or Amazon)