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China’s Bio-based Military Strategies Include Weaponized Vaccines as “Biological Time Bombs”

Posted on Nov 6, 2021 by in Blog |

Discovery of the Human Genome was the Biggest Tragedy for the Human Race

The Chinese Communist Party’s 14th five-year plan, for 2021, is chilling proof that China is the main party pulling the strings on this “puppet” pandemic, and that Covid-19 vaccines are bioweapons. In 2010, Colonel Ji-Wei Guos, of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, wrote a book called “Bio-based War-Reconfiguring Military Strategy for a New Era.” In his book he talks about aspects of a bio-based war, which were later incorporated into the Communist’s military plan. The bio-based war integrates biotechnology and information technology research sectors, such as artificial intelligence. Their tactics include the goal to collect human DNA from people worldwide, which strengthens their biowarfare capabilities. This collection of DNA by China is already in progress, and was all over the news a few weeks ago as a concern that China had plans to develop bioweapons for ethnic cleansing. There should be concern because Guos’ aspects listed below blueprint the current Covid-19 pandemic agenda.

Vaccines as Bio-based Weapons: Vaccines with “backdoors” can be bio-based warfare vectors present as biological time bombs once inside the body or creating vulnerabilities to future bioweapon attacks. The introduction of such “backdoor” vaccines into the U.S. population is especially risky in inadequately regulated joint vaccine production ventures between Chinese and U.S. pharmaceutical companies, not unlike the introduction of Chinese surveillance capabilities inside Chinese instrumentation and software deployed in the United States.

Micro-attack: “Nonlethal” bioweapons is a concept that runs through recent Chinese military doctrine. That is, bioweapons that do not kill humans, animals and plants or attack them at the macroscopic level, but destroy the structure and physiological functions of humans, animals and plants via microscopic molecular structures and functions.

Bio-based War Operational Approaches: Citing the SARS 2002-2004 and COVID19 pandemics as examples, the secret initiation of epidemics during war to reduce the enemy’s fighting capability or in “pre-war” situations to prevent potential adversaries from mobilizing effectively on the eve of war.

Moderated Conquest: Instead of killing the enemy, bio-based warfare agents can temporarily disable the enemy and prevent participation in war or kill and injure by specific race or ethnicity in a limited way using genetic bioweapons.

Biotechnology-information Technology Superiority: Greatly increase China’s military superiority and deterrence level by fusing information-based warfare with bio-based war using advanced biotechnologies.

Now that there is undeniable proof that vaccines can be used as carriers to deal out deadly bioweapons against humanity, which I warned about last year on video and in recent articles and podcasts regarding the mRNA vaccines, I want to highlight the dangers of the non-mRNA Covid vaccines developed and manufactured in China, Russia, America, and the UK. For two years we have been inundated with news about the novel mRNA Covid-19 vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna, but little has been said about the other Covid-19 vaccines. There is a lot of ugliness behind the non-mRNA Covid vaccines than meets the “arm.” They, too, have bioweapon capabilities to alter the human genome and transform humanity through genetic engineering. The only difference between all of the Covid vaccines is the way the genetic payload, or material, is transported into the human cell.

With the endless fraud buoying up this pandemic, every inch of Covid-19 comes into question. Truth is like a sliver buried in a foot. It is hard to see, and hard to get out. But truth is truth—one plus one always equals two—and the evidence, or lack of it, will always tell a story. The missing “purified” isolate for SARS-CoV-2 is not the only indication that this pandemic is a planned psychological setup. If this was an honest pandemic CDC would not need to falsify data to increase case numbers, freedoms would still be intact, Covid vaccine manufacturers would not be experimenting on the genetic makeup of humanity, and all vaccines would have been recalled for further study after the first wave of deaths and injuries were reported. The only logical reason behind jabbing the entire globe with harmful gene-editing vaccinations is to execute a bio-based psychological military war—and China’s military agrees.

Adenovirus Covid-19 Vaccines (Vector-based)

The majority of non-mRNA vaccines are vector-based, and use inactive, or killed, viruses as a means to transfer gene strands or genetic materials into human cells. Vectors are carriers (in this case, an inactive virus is the carrier) which scientists have developed to do the transporting. The mRNA technology does not use inactivated viruses as carriers, but transport genetic material (fragments of the mRNA) into cells using lipid nanoparticles (LNP’s). LNP’s are coated with synthetic, non-biodegradable polymer called polyethylene glycol (PEG), and encapsulates the mRNA material they are carrying to protect them from degradation.

China manufactured three Covid-19 vector-based vaccines called BBIBP CorV, CoronaVac, and AD5-nCOV. Russia’s two Covid-19 vector-based vaccines are Sputnik V and EpiVacCorona. The US and the UK’s vector-based Covid vaccines come from Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, and Oxford. Some of the vaccines in this group fall under the category of “adenovirus” vector-based vaccines. These include China’s AD5-nCOV vaccine, Russia’s Sputnik V, and the US and UK’s non-mRNA vaccines. Adenovirus vector-based vaccines are unique because they are developed using a virus from one of the adenoviruses, which includes colds, croup, bronchitis, pneumonia, sore throats, fevers, and eye conjunctivitis.

These adenoviral vaccines were designed after traditional adenovirus vaccines, but the traditional vaccines are not vector-based and use a “live” virus from one of the adenoviruses. The US military used traditional adenovirus vaccines on their troops from 1971 to 1999, and again in 2011. Those traditional adenoviral vaccines are nothing like what is being manufactured for Covid-19. The vector-based adenovirus Covid-19 vaccines use inactivated viruses as carriers. They first kill the virus to ensure there is no chance of infection after injection with an adenovirus. This platform allows for easy transport of sizable genomic material into a cell. Vector-based adenovirus vaccines are much cheaper to manufacture, which makes them more attractive for third world countries.

Since the adenovirus vaccines are able to carry sizable genomic material into a cell, this vaccine is a no-brainer for bioweapon projects. The vector (inactivated virus) can easily be used to transport and sneak in natural or manmade pathogenic gene sequences of a virus or the whole virus. And since world nations no longer adhere to the 1975 Biological Weapons Treaty, any one of the numerous different Covid-19 vaccine companies that use gene-editing technology can be lap-dancing with China’s dark bio-based objectives. If the global powers step up their one-world agenda to eliminate the populace rapidly, they could choose to create a “real” pandemic this time around using “live” modified viruses as carriers for their vector-based Covid vaccines, instead of the inactive pathogens, or they can opt to use the inactive virus to transport live microorganisms into the human cell.

Due to the havoc on the human body caused by vaccine DNA manipulation, the immune system will fail to work naturally on its own and the vaccinated people will become sick quick, leading to epidemics and deadly super pandemics, even from the mildest of viruses. Though this would spread to the non-vaccinated groups, the vaccinated individuals with restricted immune system response would be hit the hardest, with higher mortality rates.

Ebola and Marburg Make Good Bioweapons

Ebola comes from the Filoviridae family of hemorrhagic fevers, as does the Marburg virus. Ebola is a tad more aggressive, but both have similarities that are distinguished by hemorrhagic fever and internal bleeding caused by blood clotting of the body’s blood vessels. These diseases are horrific, and not a pleasant way to die, with an average mortality rate of 50%. Death comes from multiple organ failure and hypovolemic shock. There is no cure. This is why Soviets, in the late 1980’s, weaponized Marburg and developed a deadly mutated bioweapon called Marburg Variant U. This was stockpiled in their strategic biological weapons arsenal, and since they expected dispersal to hit the United States through intercontinental ballistic missiles, there was no vaccine or treatment developed to counter this bioweapon. Ebola and Marburg fall under the National Security’s high risk category A for bioterrorism agents.

The Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreak in West Africa in 2014, which lasted two years, gave China leverage to flex their muscles as superpower. China did something they never did before, or ever had reason to do (since Ebola is not and never has been a threat to China’s territory)—they marched into Africa with over 1,000 medical personnel, and became the main players in the international efforts to curb Ebola, donating 750 million yuan (123 million US dollars) for emergency aid and construction of a treatment center.

China, who has never had a charitable bone in its body, and is known for only doing what best suits them, showed their true colors last May of 2021, when they denied freedom of religion and ramped up persecution against those of the Christian faith, with beatings and detainment at secretive “re-educational brainwashing” camps. The real China is not peaches and cream. They are like medieval executioners in black robes, and provide no mercy to anything concerning human rights. China’s so-called humanitarian act in Africa during the Ebola outbreak had nothing to do with the health of Africans or feared outbreaks on the world populace, but everything to do with progressing bioweapon development and global dominance. The pathogen strain of that outbreak in Africa was the Zaire Ebola virus, one of the deadliest varieties of Ebola. It has a fatality rate of up to 90 percent, which is why Zaire Ebola would have been a top choice for vaccine bioweapons under China’s military plan.

That same year (2014) that the Chinese and Americans were researching side-by-side on Ebola in Africa, Dr. Fauci quietly betrayed American trust and funded a grant to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology for research with over $7 million dollars. Both the US National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the US Department of Health and Human Services participated in bioweapon research with China, locking into a disturbing five-year contract. There is no sane explainable reason for this union, until you pull back the covers and see who is lying in the bed. Remember, Obama, a communist infiltrator, was president in 2014 at the same time China and the US were holding hands in China’s Wuhan lab and “containing” Zaire Ebola on the leas of Africa.

It was at that time Obama preached that global health security was to be a “shared responsibility” that could only be achieved through unity with other countries. He was already pushing the communist creed of globalization for the upcoming planned pandemic, and covering for America’s treasonous alliance with China.

Obviously, bioweapon research between China and the US became a rubber-band alliance, because in 2017, documents from that grant paid to China revealed a three-year moratorium lifted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), allowing for bio-research to continue, specifically involving pathogens that have the potential to create pandemics. Such research could have produced a quick-step for offensive warfare against humanity using China’s bio-based goal to implement vaccines as “backdoors” for bioweapons.

I do not believe that it is coincidence that one year after the Ebola outbreak in Africa was contained, in 2017, both China and the USA developed and manufactured Ebola adenovirus vector-based vaccines for emergency use and strategic national stockpiles. China’s CanSinoBio company produced Ad5-EBOV Ebola vaccines and Bill Gates’ GAVI supplied 500,000 Ebola vaccines, using the manufacturer Merck. Ebola is not an imminent threat to either country. Only one person died in the USA during that outbreak, with a low count of 11,323 deaths reported worldwide. No one died in China. So why did China and American companies spend exorbitant amounts of money to develop and manufacture these vaccines for stockpiling? China is a huge donor and partner with GAVI, and when two birds of a feather nuzzle in a nest together, the possibilities of evil are endless.

GAVI and China have been sleeping together on vaccine development as far back as 2002. In June of 2020, China pledged $20 million USD to support GAVI’s work in providing “life-saving” vaccines to children around the world. China’s hefty donations have nothing to do with saving children. China has only allowed a one-to-two birth policy per couple for their citizens, and has always been pro-depopulation, not the opposite. And herein lies the kicker behind this devilish relationship—Bill Gate’s (GAVI) is also an advocate on depopulation. He and WHO were caught hiding sterility drugs in tetanus shots for women in Kenya, Nicaragua and the Philippines. There is no doubt that GAVI is an undercover operation to control the world’s populations. This is why GAVI and their partners’ goals are to immunize every child by 2030 (the timetable of the Great Reset, Agenda 2030 government overthrow).

Another disturbing vaccine development concerns the Marburg virus. Marburg has had a mere 470 deaths documented between 1967 and 2021. And yet, in November 2019, right prior to Covid-19’s freedom-destroying entry, the DOD’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), awarded the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) a whopping $35.7 million dollars for innovative research to develop an rVSV (recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus) vectored Marburg virus vaccine. DTRA, who is also partnered with most of the mRNA Covid vaccine companies (along with China), is a military organization focused solely on weapons of mass destruction. The fact that this disease is an extremely low threat to world populations makes this choice for a Marburg vaccine as troubling as the Ebola vaccines by China and GAVI.

On April, 28th, 2021, Representative Ami Bera, democrat for California, who is an MD and chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee, wrote an opinion piece in The Hill entitledBiological Ticking Time Bombs: Lessons from Covid-19.” She states the following:

Americans are resilient, and we will prevail against COVID-19. But we cannot waste this opportunity to prepare for the next worst-case scenario. We must prepare now so that if someone, somewhere starts thinking about combining the contagiousness of COVID-19 with the lethality of Ebola, the United States is ready.”

The clues being thrown at us like dog bones give credence that Ebola and Marburg might be under consideration as genetically modified pathogens of choice for elimination of Western societies.

“Made in China”

The coronavirus story shows America committing adultery with China since SARS 1, leading right up to Covid-19 (SARS-2). CDC’s Journal, Emerging Infectious Diseases, volume 11, Number 7—July 2005, entitled “SARS Vaccine Development,” reveals the hidden affair between the two nations. The synopsis was authored by three Chinese citizens, Shibo Jiang, Yuxian He, and Shuwen Liu. All three are connected with the New York Blood Center, in NY, NY. Dr. Jiang was an associate member and head of New York’s Viral Immunology Laboratory, Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute, New York Blood Center. His main research was in vaccine development. In China he was trained under the People’s Liberation Army, was professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, and worked at the Wuhan lab. Jiang received more than $17 million from US research grants, with the majority given by Fauci’s duplicitous and communist-loving National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

The paragraph from that 2005 article on SARS is somewhat prophetic of today’s Covid-19 hullabaloo:

Although this outbreak was eventually brought under control in 2003, several isolated outbreaks of SARS subsequently occurred because of accidental releases of the SARS-CoV isolates from laboratories in Taiwan, Singapore, and mainland China. In late 2003 and early 2004, new infections in persons who had contact with animals infected with SARS-CoV strains significantly different from those predominating in the 2002–2003 outbreak were reported in Guangdong, China. These events indicate that a SARS epidemic may recur at any time in the future, either by the virus escaping from laboratory samples or by SARS-CoV isolates evolving from SARS-CoV–like virus in animal hosts.

The authors of this article are making sure that the information about accidental releases from laboratories come across as something common, when in fact, such accidents are rare. A prearranged plan of scenarios was underway back in 2005, setting the stage for the new fake virus that would one day be called Covid-19.

Eyes should be on China, because it has already overshadowed the United States as superpower, and is the driving force behind Agenda 2030, otherwise known under the communistic “environment-saving” scheme of Sustainable Development that is now entwined within all world governments and military, and sanctioned by the pro-communist United Nations. Western values and democracy will have no role or voice in this new global government. This is why America is targeted to be removed as a power bloc and taken down to third world status, and why China is polishing its humanitarian image (which it never had before), preparing for their rise under the “Great Reset” of nations.

It is no coincidence that China’s data of Covid cases shows one of the lowest in the world. With arrogance they are establishing that they are in control of this pandemic and are the country of choice for global influence. This is why they recently became chosen peacekeeper for the UN’s military, and made a rare and unprecedented move last August to invite Russia to join them in a five-day military exercise in Northwest China. They are swiftly communizing the world, hurling nations upside down like cattle caught up in a tornado, displacing centuries of history and freedom-fought wars with very little resistance by the people.

Over a decade ago, China documented their designs to implement weaponized vaccines as “biological time bombs,” along with military tactics to use pathogens and epidemics for psychological warfare. This establishes the reason why a non-existing virus and pandemic started in China and was used to introduce Covid-19 vaccines, the bioweapons needed to complete the overthrow of America and other free nations. It was not a mild coronavirus that triggered a global cataclysm of fear, but China’s mesmerizing theatrical global performance that a monster pandemic existed. Their psychological military operation worked, and today half of the world is inoculated with DNA-altering vaccines. China, who collaborated with the US in developing Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines are now developing their own mRNA vaccines. Funny thing though, China still refuses to use Pfizer and Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines on their own population. I guess the “biological time bombs” gifted for the West are only for those who walk after faith and freedom.

Copyright © Igor Shepherd, 2021

Dr. Igor Shepherd is a nationwide public speaker on WMD’s and counter-terrorism, and spent the last 20 years working in the public health arena training hospitals, healthcare professionals, first responders, law enforcement, federal agencies, and military on CBRNE preparedness. He can be reached at


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