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Johnny Vedmore: Every Position of Power Has Been Taken Over by WEF & Their Global Leaders

Posted on Feb 21, 2022 by in Podcast |

Johnny Vedmore discusses how he feels one phase of COVID1984 is coming to an end and more people are beginning to question things. He gives us a deep dive on Cobra Commander Klaus Schwab and the Malthusian eugenics of Davos and the Club of Rome. WEF has run Britain for the last 20 years. The Young Global Leaders have taken over every single position of power. We’re late to the party, we’re done, we have let them run us through. He gives his take on the nature of the pandemic, the Wellcome Trust, and believes intelligence agencies are really running the show, that there are no more remaining independent actors (e.g. multipolar world). A lot of people he talks to think the endgame is something like a biblical apocalypse.

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The Wellcome Five – The Proximal Origin of Covid Control

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