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Gabriel Custodiet: An Intellectual History of the Era that Spawned the Death of Privacy

Posted on Jan 21, 2023 by in Podcast |

Gabriel Custodiet discusses the intellectual history of the era which spawned the true death of privacy: 1890-1930. He argues that during this time the concepts of the plasticity of man found in Darwinism and liberalism led to the birth of statism and of eugenics, as well as the belief that we have inherited today: that a scientific elite can and should try to solve all of society’s problems. Privacy as an explicit concern arises during this time as a response to growing centralization: centralization being the antithesis of privacy.

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About Gabriel Custodiet

Gabriel Custodiet is host of The Watchman Privacy Podcast. He has been living a privacy lifestyle for many years and figuring things out from research and sheer experimentation. He enjoys consulting and teaching others to live more genuine lives through techniques of secrecy and the cultivation of a worldview that sustains individual freedom.

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