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David Fleming: This Is It, They Are Rolling Out Their Age-Old Plan, But It’s Not Our Future!

Posted on Feb 8, 2023 by in Podcast |

David Fleming explains the history that led up to the attempt at world control in 2020 via the globally declared public health emergency. Things really started to get weird in the run-up to the pandemic from 2018 onward with Extinction Rebellion, followed by AOC’s Green New Deal seeking to eliminate air travel and hydrocarbons, and then Theresa May signing the UK up to Net Zero in 2019. These were all signs that the plan was being implemented. They are now pushing digital currencies and digital ID. The energy crisis is exacerbated to get us accustomed to UBI. They are now developing 15-minute cities which would lock the populace into place. He discusses his activism and getting this information into the hands of the public.

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Not Our Future


About David Fleming

David Fleming co-founded the Together Declaration and is the founder of Not Our Future.

*Podcast intro music is from the song “The Queens Jig” by “Musicke & Mirth” from their album “Music for Two Lyra Viols”: (available on iTunes or Amazon)