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Steven Starr: We Are Already In World War III

Posted on Feb 9, 2023 by in Podcast |

Professor Steven Starr explains that we are already in WWIII. As the U.S. pushes for an Asian NATO, South Korea and Japan could very quickly become nuclear weapons states. The arms control treaties and safeguards have all but been dismantled and Russia’s response was the creation of hypersonics. He discusses the folly of this idea of “limited nuclear war” via the use of tactical mini-nukes, the concepts of “firebreak” and the “dead hand system”, and how it is that Washington thinks it can win a nuclear war. He also discusses the growing existential threat of an EMP attack.

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About Steven Starr

Steven Starr is former director of the University of Missouri’s Clinical Laboratory Science Program, as well as a senior scientist at the Physicians for Social Responsibility. He has worked with the Swiss, Chilean, and Swedish governments in support of their efforts at the United Nations to eliminate thousands of high-alert, launch-ready U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons; he maintains the website Nuclear Darkness.

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