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Gilbert Doctorow: The U.S. & Russia Are Testing Each Other’s Red Lines

Posted on Feb 15, 2023 by in Podcast |

Gilbert Doctorow discusses how the U.S. and Russia are testing each other’s red lines in a bid to avoid Doomsday. Russia felt existentially threatened and thus needed to push back U.S. and NATO presence in Ukraine. The war is also existential for the U.S. Both sides seek to prolong the war. The most depressing thing is that everything Gilbert disliked about the Soviet Union has now moved to the United States.

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About Gilbert Doctorow

Gilbert Doctorow is a professional Russia watcher going back to 1965. For twenty-five years he worked for US and European multinationals in marketing and general management with regional responsibility. In the year 2000, he closed his corporate career as General Director in Russia and the CIS for a UK based multinational. Doctorow regularly publishes analytical articles about international affairs on the portal of the Belgian daily La Libre Belgique and has recently been a contributor of Op-Ed articles on US-Russian relations to the English-language Moscow Times. Mr. Doctorow is a Research Fellow of the American University in Moscow.From 1998-2002, Doctorow served as the Chairman of the Russian Booker Literary Prize. He was a Board Member of the American Committee for East-West Accord from 2015-2016.

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