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Daniele Ganser: America is a Ruthless Empire, but Multipolarity is in the Making

Posted on Jun 14, 2023 by in Podcast |

Renown Swiss historian Daniele Ganser discusses his new book “USA: The Ruthless Empire”, the Military-Industrial-Complex and Security State, the Washington elite, and how the establishment continues to falsely pretend that America is not an empire. Illegal NATO regime change operations and expansion provoked Russia’s illegal Ukraine invasion. He is convinced the multipolar world is here and in the making. U.S. elite don’t want a strong Europe and the Nord Stream false flag was a demonstration of that. He believes we are witnessing ‘imperial overstretch’ as tactics such as color revolutions become less successful. He also comments on COVID-19 and the danger of “digital empire” and the Chinese-style social credit system coming to the West.

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Daniele Ganser

USA: The Ruthless Empire

NATO’s Secret Armies:

About Daniele Ganser

Daniele Ganser, born in Lugano in 1972, is a historian who specializes in contemporary history since 1945 and international politics. His main research focuses on peace studies, geostrategy, covert warfare, resource conflicts, and economic policy. He is the founder and director of the Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research in Basel, and is the author of Illegal Wars: From Cuba to Syria—How NATO Countries Sabotaged the UN.

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