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Jack Buffington: Deindustrialization, Demographics, & the Need for a New Supply Chain Model

Posted on Aug 27, 2023 by in Podcast |

Dr. Jack Buffington discuses his new book “Reinventing the Supply Chain: A 21st-Century Covenant with America”. There were no supply chains before hydrocarbons and oil has been the lubricant, which allowed the U.S. to become the leader in manufacturing. Fearing the loss of the war machine economy, the U.S. transitioned to a consumer economy. He describes the disastrous effects of deindustrialization and how population decline poses a threat to the supply chain because there are not enough consumers. He explains the effect of Covid and the Ukraine War on the supply chain, what happens to consumption when AI takes over, and says we need a new model of supply chain to account for what needs to happen in the future.

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Reinventing the Supply Chain: A 21st-Century Covenant with America

About Jack Buffington

Jack Buffington is the director of supply chain and sustainability at First Key Consulting and professor and academic director of the supply chain management program at the University of Denver. He is the author of several previously published books, including The Recycling Myth and Peak Plastic.

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