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Daniel Natal: The Global Oligarchy Wants to Remake All Nations into Slave Plantations

Posted on Nov 6, 2023 by in Podcast |

Daniel Natal discusses who rules the world! To help answer this question it’s important to go back to the Middle Ages, the mercantile guilds, and the British East India company where essentially an oligarchy takes over.  Their goal has been to get rid of all thrones and altars. There is evidence to suggest that America and many republics were founded by these same forces as corporate models and structures. Globalism is essentially mercantilism, they want to re-create all nations like the South Carolina slave plantation, and take us back to how they ran Europe in the 1300s (e.g. neofeudalism). The point of the woke movement today is to dissolve the nation state. He is optimistic because large systems always break down.

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Daniel Natal is an author and host of The Daniel Natal Show.

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