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Ralph Schoellhammer: Europe Experiencing Historical Moment With Political Shifts

Posted on Jun 15, 2024 by in Podcast |

Ralph Schoellhammer discusses how Europe is experiencing great change and political shifts which can be considered a historical moment. Ideas of the past (e.g. cheap money) are now colliding with reality. There is now a move in Europe by the right-wing in Germany, Italy, Hungary, and other countries to steer the European ship away from the proverbial iceberg. He comments on Ukraine, the specter of a Third World War, and the fate of America.

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About Ralph Schoellhammer

Ralph Schoellhammer is a visiting fellow at Mathias Corvinus Collegium. His commentary has been featured in newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Unherd, Spiked, Jerusalem Post, Washington Examiner, American Spectator, Die Presse, Der Standard, and the Wiener Zeitung among others. He is also a geopolitical consultant who has advised Austrian politicians and organizations in the past.

*Podcast intro music is from the song “The Queens Jig” by “Musicke & Mirth” from their album “Music for Two Lyra Viols”: (available on iTunes or Amazon)