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Mats Nilsson: Multipolar World Far From Perfect, But Better Than US Hegemony

Posted on Jun 25, 2024 by in Podcast |

Mats Nilsson discusses how his travels around the world led him to reconsider many of the official and false narratives that are typically espoused in the West. He describes his unique way of attempting to persuade commoners as to how politics really works. He is under no illusion regarding oligarchy in Beijing and Moscow, but believes Washington’s hegemony is the most dangerous, and he currently supports the coming multipolar world. In the future he might be complaining about Eurasia, it’s geopolitics, things change. We are in a pre-1914 scenario where momentum is building for another unnecessary war desired by the elites and no one is attempting to look for an off-ramp. America is getting too old to be able to dominate the globe. He hopes greed will help avoid WW3 because governments could potentially nationalize industry which would distress the BlackRock’s of the world. Elites are in danger of overshooting the mark. The Algorithm Ghetto is a real possibility. We must keep speaking truth to power.

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About Mats Nilsson

Mats Nilsson is a Swedish author, traveler, conditional pacifist, tsundokuist, and epicurean with 15 years of government service.

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