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Kym Staton: The Persecution of Assange & Fight Against Transnational Dystopia

Posted on Jul 10, 2024 by in Podcast |

Kym Staton discusses his documentary film The Trust Fall: Julian Assange. WikiLeaks’ “Collateral Murder” release is what initially woke him up. He documents the abuse and oppression of Assange and through the film seeks to inspire action. He comments on the empire, the secret state, and transnational security elite. He talks about interviewing the late John Pilger and Daniel Ellsberg among others featured in the film. What was done to Assange was meant to intimidate the rest of the world. Technocrats are becoming more powerful as we move toward a transnational dystopia. He opines on the idea of Assange as some sort of psyop and urges people to take action and do something to fight tyranny and injustice, which creates pressure, because too many people are doing nothing.

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About Kym Staton

Kym Staton is a poet, musician and filmmaker from Australia. He is the founder and director of Films For Change and Writer and Director of the hit documentary THE TRUST FALL: JULIAN ASSANGE.

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